Creating the master list of cosplays for Shawarma Take 2.

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Overconfidence-And-A-Screwdriver

Peggy Carter - TheArcaneTheory

Thor (Lady)- Portrait-Of-A-Timelady

Loki - LokiOfGallifrey

Tony Stark/Iron Man - NinthTravelingMan

Pepper Potts - StarryMarg-Spoils, ThetasRose

Bruce Banner/Hulk - TheRealYuriCookies, AndSoWeSoar

Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow - AssembleAllAvengers

Clint Barton/Hawkeye - JustABrowncoatedWench

Nick Nicki Fury - EzraQuinnCredible

Phil Coulson - 

Maria Hill - 

I popped you guys in based on what you did the first Shawarma event and what you’ve said here on Tumblr.  If anything’s changed let me know~  We’ll work on filling those last few soon!

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  1. thetasrose said: Granted I can make it for the second round, I’ll totally bring Pepper.
  2. trappedinthevoid said: Why do I live so far away :(
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